Our Services

Be it a home, commercial space or an investment real estate piece, Jasprit® Curtains will work with its clients to bring their vision to life. It is assured that beautiful transformations will be delivered for the spaces that Jasprit® Curtains will be working on.

Soft Furnishing

Complete the beautification process with sumptuous, timeless pieces that lifts the whole concept together while showcasing the main feature of the design. Jasprit® Curtains will help its clients coordinate the design and customise any soft furnishing needed. Some customisable items include, but not limited to, throw pillows, table lamps, ottomans, cushion covers etc.

Customisable Sofa Upholstery

For some clients, they may have inherited a lounge suite, or a poster bed from a beloved family. While these pieces hold sentimental values, the style may not fit with the clients. To help them retain an heirloom or work with a silhouette that they love, Jasprit® Curtains offers a full upholstery and restoration service.

Professional Consultation

With Jasprit® Curtains personalised one-on-one consultation service, clients will be able to materialise the vision that they have for their space. It is really something that they can call your own. From budget constraints and creative ideas, Jasprit® Curtains will co-create a design that will fit perfectly with the client’s personality, lifestyle and passion.